Ovex Technologies

Who we are?

Your outsourcing partner for your contact centre, accounting and IT helpdesk needs.

We leverage technology and human interaction to build an ideal combination to take care of your outsourcing needs.

 Ovex Tech Pakistan’s vision is “Think, Innovate, Grow”. We strive to continuously develop our expertise for the benefits of our clients. Our experienced team executes any customer services project with agility and accuracy to provide them with a distinct customer services advantage. We look for innovative ways to service our client’s customers using myriad of technologies and tools. We understand the demands of a customer focused organization and partner with our clients to help translate that focus into excellent customer service. Your customers deserve special attention and we provide that focus and quality.

Why Us

Ovex Tech Pakistan’s outsourcing vertical delivers exceptional service through trained workforce to meet the standards set by you, every time:

Ovex Tech invests in leading technologies and couples that with operational expertise and years of industry knowledge.

Our service offerings are easily scalable and customized for each project, based on customer needs. Our quality processes ensure that we are continuously improving and meeting required standards.

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