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Consider outsourcing your day-to day tasks to Ovex, so you can concentrate on building key pillars of your business.

Accounting Outsourcing

Accounting Outsourcing – Customized Solution

Ovex Tech offers customized accounting solutions to cater to your business needs regardless of your business capacity. Client privacy, data security and delivering results are our primary goals. At Ovex Tech, we practice privacy, confidentiality and professional ethics in everything we do.

Let Ovex Tech take care of your accounting needs so that you can focus on your customers. We offer customized solutions based on your business needs, no matter how small or large your scale of operations is. 

Our team of experienced accounting professionals will be taking care of your bookkeeping needs and will continue to guide you to attain maximum efficiency for your business.

Contact Center

The Ovex Tech Contact Center Solutions team is equipped with latest technology and has become business partners for some of the customers. At Ovex Tech, we believe in delivering the best and this has been duly recognized by our prestigious clientele as well as various business monitoring autonomous bodies.

Ovex Tech offers great inbound customer call experience. Our team of experts provides services to your customer through various mediums, including Phone Call, Live Chat, SMS and Emails.

Every interaction with your customer is customized as a unique experience, based on your business needs and defined service levels. We make outbound calls to help you build up Sales Pipeline, conduct customer surveys, set- up appointments, support customer life cycle management.

Ovex Tech offers customized teams and skills based on your specific requirements. 

HR Outsourcing

The benefits of outsourcing include the advantages of reduced costs and increased efficiency, as well as the ability to predict business results and support strategic planning. Organizations have now realized the true potential and benefits of HR outsourcing. You can hire full time or part time resources based on your business needs.

Our team screens the resources based on defined criteria, perform on-boarding and orientation, monitor resources administratively to ensure required results are provided to the customer. Our team will solicit regular feedback to ensure your service needs are being met.

With the use of Ovex Tech HR outsourcing services, you can achieve your goals effortlessly.

Software Solutions

Ovex Tech has been developing and providing robust and scalable software solutions to its’ clients for years. From corporate clients to startups and SMEs, Ovex Tech’s software development team is well equipped with all the latest tools, technologies and prowess to deliver on time, every time. Our main goal has remained to serve our prestigious and highly esteemed clients with professional work and package every software solution with exceptional customer support.

At Ovex Tech, we believe in making you a business partner so both organizations contribute to each other’s success and growth.

Data Management

Ovex Tech Data Management solutions allow you to enhance data quality for effective mining, enable increased tracking and reporting capabilities and improve data integrity and oversight for your business.

Enterprises spend enormous resources trying to reconcile master data, often with limited success. This process repeats itself as there is no mechanism for capturing and assimilating the data gathered from the first or successive reconciliations. Redundant and inconsistent master data leads to inefficient supply chain management, inconsistent customer support, customer dissatisfaction and wasted marketing efforts.

Organizations are constantly changing, ensuring a constant stream of changes to master data. With no way of managing these changes, data is prey to redundancy, inconsistency and ineffectiveness. From data entry to data analysis and reporting, our team is skilled in all things data management. Your data confidentiality and integrity will be ensured.

IT Outsourcing

Ovex Tech IT Outsourcing Services enable businesses to manage their technology needs in an entirely hassle free manner. While it can be quite expensive to maintain a regular IT department, you can reduce costs up to 40% or more by acquiring IT outsourcing and management services, which will be scalable as your business needs grow.

Our 24/7 Helpdesk (based on the Service Desk Model) allows you to have a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for your customers/employees. Our Remote Desktop Management allows you to maintain and protect your IT infrastructure and deliver timely assistance to your end users and servers. Furthermore, we offer IT based advice and consultancy services that can help your business deploy the most cost effective IT infrastructure.

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